McDonalds- Big Breakfast




We had gone for our Friday breakfast in McDonalds a couple of weeks back. We usually go to the one on the Gulf Road. When we reached there, the place was almost packed with people. Some of the guys had come from the beach after swimming and some where lazily going through the news papers. This is a great place to relax, where you can take your sweet time, the place is huge and has a lot of seating.The first floor seating area gives a good view of the beach, but it was already full.

We ordered 2 big breakfast meals and 1 hot cake(my wife is not a big fan of pancakes), all of this came to 2.850KD. If you are coffee people, then you are going to be delighted because you get free coffee refills. This place has a huge outdoor seating area and it would be great during the winter.


The Irish Village




If you have travelled via Dubai and if you haven’t visited this place, you have missed out one of the coolest places in the whole terminal.  This place is a cool hangout place, and it’s not very expensive. We had been there on our way back and we really had a good time. We sat in their non-smoking area, and it had one of the best views of the runway. The food was awesome and the drinks too…Don’t ask me what we drank and what we ate….hush……hush….

If you haven’t tried it, i would recommend you to checkout the Irish Village. There is a lot of time, if you are transiting on your way to India. This is an ideal place to take a break after all the shopping and walking. We had two drinks and a main dish and the cost was around 8.400KD.

Payless Shoe Source



source When we purchased our first shoe rack some time back, i had teasingly warned my wife that no shoe rack is big enough for a woman. She vehemently brushed aside my warnings and used to tell that she will only have a few(i still have no clue on what few means for a lady) pairs at a time. She was trying to stick to her decision and our big shoe rack was just fine. But a recent visit to the Payless Shoe Source changed it all.They had a good sale and my wife was like a bull in the China shop. She got some good deals and ended up getting six pairs. All this time, I had the “I told you so” expression on my face. The Sale was too good and I was also pretty impressed with what was on offer. They had some good brands like “American Eagle” selling for 2KD, which normally was selling for 8.900KD. They also have the brand Dexter, which was only available in Sears.

Payless has two outlets, one in the Avenues Mall and one attached to the BHS showroom in Salmiya (next to Sultan Center). My only complaint is that they have limited choice for men, call it gender bias, but if you are a lady, Payless Shoe Source is the place to shop.

Lulu Hypermarket, Al Wahda Mall, Qurain


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Last week, if anyone wanted to catch up with any one from the Indian community, there was an easy option. All they had to do was to drive all the way to the new Lulu hypermarket, Qurain which opened on 28th July 2010. We had planned to visit early Friday morning to avoid the rush, but still the place was buzzing with people, and we bumped into a lot of friends.

01The route to Lulu is pretty easy, if you are coming from Salmiya, take the fifth ring and take the Ahmadi Express (Road 40) and keep driving till you find exit no 208. Take the exit and continue driving and you will find a round about and Lulu is just there.


The Qurain city is a new project and the place is slowly developing into a major commercial area. The place already has so many showrooms and it looks like  more are coming up. You can find the LG electronics shop and the Electrozan shop next to the Lulu- Al Wahda Mall.


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Live and Let Die(Dye)



President Obama, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney and Name is Bond all together? am sure all of you would be wondering what makes it for them to be grouped together? Apart from their drop dead gorgeous looks, any body any guesses…?? Now don’t scratch your brains, since its a no brainer, all of them have grey hair! Well Mr.Bond was ignoring it and terming those streaks as the silver lucky charms, but now the numbers are on the rise, the luck seems to be spreading all over. 

Mr.Bond was spending sleepless nights thinking about the good old days when the hair was not just black, it was jet black. Mr.Bond was proud of his genetics, majority of men from his family turned grey after their 60’s and he was always sure to follow their path. But genetics was overturned by the systematic abuses the hair had to undergo, be it the extreme temperatures, the treated water or the frequent change in hair care products. When Mr.Bond was worrying about it Mrs.Bond comes up with a quick fix. Bond is undergoing the experiment and will keep you posted about the results!! Will it be successful or else will Bond turn into an orange head. With fingers crossed and a pounding in the chest…Bond signs off….

Sysadmin Day


July 30, 2010-11th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

This is one of the worst jobs if you hate it and its one of the most interesting jobs if you love and live it. I am also in the same line of work, and i am proud to say that i keep my office running and functional every day. The end users don’t really bother to understand how things work, all they know is to complain.


Most of us, who are in this field  are often neglected and doesn’t get our well earned respect and appreciation. SysAdminDay, the annual system appreciation day is held to show your appreciation towards the system administrators who support your computing needs. Thankfully, my colleagues and the management understand my job role and do appreciate my work.

It’s fishy out there….



There are a lot of small fish stores in Kuwait, but this is one place i would like to go for fishing. You must be wondering why i am saying fishing, there is a reason to it, after the whole trip you will be stinking of fish, your car will be stinking and you need to take a shower to get rid of that smell. So in short it’s nothing short of a fishing adventure.


This fish market is located in Sharq. It’s completely air-conditioned, that explains why your clothes get stinky. If you are a first timer to this place, I would recommend you to wear something which is ready to go to the laundry. It’s a best practice to have the clothes washed separately once you are back from the fishy experience. 


The fish is very fresh here, that’s the reason which attracts me to this place. Since it’s summer time, the catch is less so the prices are rocketing just like the temperature. The Prawns season is also coming, so the demand for fish will be slightly diminishing.  But since Ramadan is also round the corner the price is not going to come down any sooner. But the advantage is you get fresh catch. There are certain times allotted for auctioning also. If you are in need of a huge quantity you can try that out, provided you have some one who can speak in fluent Arabic .

2There is always ample parking and it’s best to take some plastic bags with you so that your car is saved from the fishy smell.

A4Tech iSecureFit


A4tech Ever since i got my E-72, i was looking for a better earphone since Nokia shipped an ugly and cheap earphone with the phone(shame on you Nokia). Finally after a lot of searching and a bit of research I zoomed in on the A4 Tech iSecureFit metallic earphones. These earphones have a good sound output. They have the bass and the crispness. It’s priced 2.150KD in Xcite. The earphones come in many funky colors, i took a blue one. The package consisted of the earphones, a small black pouch for carrying it around and 4 extra plastic shields. The earphones doesn’t have a volume control that’s the only drawback i found but otherwise am liking it. It’s pure value for money, now don’t start comparing it with Skull Candy and the likes, cuz they cost a bomb. It’s compatible with the PC and most of the music players including the IPOD. The model is A4TECH SECUREFIT METALLIC SUPER BASS EARPHONE / HEADPHONES – MK-650-BL.

Just a word of caution, these earphones fits perfectly on your ears and the sound loss is minimal, so don’t turn on the volumes to the extremes as it can harm your ears…

Speaker:Ø 10mm
Sensitivity:102 dB/mwat 1KHz
Impedance:32 Ω
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
Plug Type:Ø3.5mm Stereo
Cable Length:55in