Most of us are paranoid about our emails, we want to protect them as much as possible. These days many methods are used by hackers to hack our accounts for reasons best known to them. Emails can contain a lot of important information and like backing up any other data, backing our emails should be considered as mandatory. I have been using Gmail since they launched it and i have almost 2000+ important emails in this account. I was looking for a tool to backup my account and my search led me to Gmail Backup.

Gmail Backup is a very handy tool, the download and installation is quick, and you are ready to go in a flash. This tool can be used to backup your entire account. This can be used to restore emails from your backup in case you accidentally deleted any email from your Gmail. The initial backup takes a while and is dependent on the volume of emails in your account. The only drawback i found is that if you have unread emails in your gmail, once you use this tool to backup, the unread emails will be marked as read. Once you are done with the full backup, you can use the option to backup newest emails for subsequent uses.

You can download Gmail Backup by clicking here.