OHLIFE I had a habit of writing a daily summary in my diary during my school days. It was fun reading them after so many years. I don’t write anything these days, everything has become online. I spend the majority of the day in front of the desktop or my laptop. I looked up the internet to find a free online personal journal and ended up here. Ohlife is a simple website which helps us to maintain an online personal journal, the sign up is free and takes a minute or so.

Now let me explain how the whole thing works. Once you are done with the sign up, you can configure the settings, basically you select your time zone. The website generates an email every day at 8pm. All you have to do is to reply to that email and that becomes that day’s journal. If you want to add something after sometime, you just reply to the same email. It gets added to the previous entry. There is an option to export your journal as a txt file. The only issue with this online journal is that they are not editable. In a diary you can tear off the paper or spill the ink but here you are stuck with the entry, but that’s how it should be! right?