source When we purchased our first shoe rack some time back, i had teasingly warned my wife that no shoe rack is big enough for a woman. She vehemently brushed aside my warnings and used to tell that she will only have a few(i still have no clue on what few means for a lady) pairs at a time. She was trying to stick to her decision and our big shoe rack was just fine. But a recent visit to the Payless Shoe Source changed it all.They had a good sale and my wife was like a bull in the China shop. She got some good deals and ended up getting six pairs. All this time, I had the “I told you so” expression on my face. The Sale was too good and I was also pretty impressed with what was on offer. They had some good brands like “American Eagle” selling for 2KD, which normally was selling for 8.900KD. They also have the brand Dexter, which was only available in Sears.

Payless has two outlets, one in the Avenues Mall and one attached to the BHS showroom in Salmiya (next to Sultan Center). My only complaint is that they have limited choice for men, call it gender bias, but if you are a lady, Payless Shoe Source is the place to shop.