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Last week, if anyone wanted to catch up with any one from the Indian community, there was an easy option. All they had to do was to drive all the way to the new Lulu hypermarket, Qurain which opened on 28th July 2010. We had planned to visit early Friday morning to avoid the rush, but still the place was buzzing with people, and we bumped into a lot of friends.

01The route to Lulu is pretty easy, if you are coming from Salmiya, take the fifth ring and take the Ahmadi Express (Road 40) and keep driving till you find exit no 208. Take the exit and continue driving and you will find a round about and Lulu is just there.


The Qurain city is a new project and the place is slowly developing into a major commercial area. The place already has so many showrooms and it looks like  more are coming up. You can find the LG electronics shop and the Electrozan shop next to the Lulu- Al Wahda Mall.


05 I know its prohibited, but still couldn’t resist a few clicks.  The new hypermarket has got a wide selection of products compared to the existing one in Al Rai.  A lot of stuff that you would normally find only in Sultan Center also makes it’s way. The hypermarket is divided into three floors, the basement has got groceries and the electronics section, the ground floor has the bakery section, the vegetable section, the frozen food section, and the first floor houses the department store. A food court is also getting ready in the Mall, it’s yet to be opened. Most of the shops in the mall are still undergoing construction and within a few months it should be up and running.

06 08 One of the best things about this new mall is the huge parking area, which is just opposite to the mall. It’s just 10-15 minutes drive from Salmiya. The only issue right now is that we are used with the layout of the Lulu in Al Rai, and we know where to go to get the things. In the new place, it will take a few visits to figure out each section.