President Obama, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney and Name is Bond all together? am sure all of you would be wondering what makes it for them to be grouped together? Apart from their drop dead gorgeous looks, any body any guesses…?? Now don’t scratch your brains, since its a no brainer, all of them have grey hair! Well Mr.Bond was ignoring it and terming those streaks as the silver lucky charms, but now the numbers are on the rise, the luck seems to be spreading all over. 

Mr.Bond was spending sleepless nights thinking about the good old days when the hair was not just black, it was jet black. Mr.Bond was proud of his genetics, majority of men from his family turned grey after their 60’s and he was always sure to follow their path. But genetics was overturned by the systematic abuses the hair had to undergo, be it the extreme temperatures, the treated water or the frequent change in hair care products. When Mr.Bond was worrying about it Mrs.Bond comes up with a quick fix. Bond is undergoing the experiment and will keep you posted about the results!! Will it be successful or else will Bond turn into an orange head. With fingers crossed and a pounding in the chest…Bond signs off….