There are a lot of small fish stores in Kuwait, but this is one place i would like to go for fishing. You must be wondering why i am saying fishing, there is a reason to it, after the whole trip you will be stinking of fish, your car will be stinking and you need to take a shower to get rid of that smell. So in short it’s nothing short of a fishing adventure.


This fish market is located in Sharq. It’s completely air-conditioned, that explains why your clothes get stinky. If you are a first timer to this place, I would recommend you to wear something which is ready to go to the laundry. It’s a best practice to have the clothes washed separately once you are back from the fishy experience. 


The fish is very fresh here, that’s the reason which attracts me to this place. Since it’s summer time, the catch is less so the prices are rocketing just like the temperature. The Prawns season is also coming, so the demand for fish will be slightly diminishing.  But since Ramadan is also round the corner the price is not going to come down any sooner. But the advantage is you get fresh catch. There are certain times allotted for auctioning also. If you are in need of a huge quantity you can try that out, provided you have some one who can speak in fluent Arabic .

2There is always ample parking and it’s best to take some plastic bags with you so that your car is saved from the fishy smell.