A4tech Ever since i got my E-72, i was looking for a better earphone since Nokia shipped an ugly and cheap earphone with the phone(shame on you Nokia). Finally after a lot of searching and a bit of research I zoomed in on the A4 Tech iSecureFit metallic earphones. These earphones have a good sound output. They have the bass and the crispness. It’s priced 2.150KD in Xcite. The earphones come in many funky colors, i took a blue one. The package consisted of the earphones, a small black pouch for carrying it around and 4 extra plastic shields. The earphones doesn’t have a volume control that’s the only drawback i found but otherwise am liking it. It’s pure value for money, now don’t start comparing it with Skull Candy and the likes, cuz they cost a bomb. It’s compatible with the PC and most of the music players including the IPOD. The model is A4TECH SECUREFIT METALLIC SUPER BASS EARPHONE / HEADPHONES – MK-650-BL.

Just a word of caution, these earphones fits perfectly on your ears and the sound loss is minimal, so don’t turn on the volumes to the extremes as it can harm your ears…

Speaker:Ø 10mm
Sensitivity:102 dB/mwat 1KHz
Impedance:32 Ω
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
Plug Type:Ø3.5mm Stereo
Cable Length:55in