Since last week the residents of “Jleeb Shoyukh:” has been suffering from the intermittent power cuts. Many have been put under a lot of distress due to this.  The summer is at its best and the heat is unbearable even with the AC on, so the plight of the people can be understood when they don’t have power for more than 8-10 hours a day.

It’s time for all the Indian associations in Kuwait to do an introspection, they are not existing just to milk the members for events, they need to take up their problems as well.It’s great to see some of the blogs(q8nri,bloggermathai) taking up the issue and finally coming up with the solution.

Finally the good news, the power outage is over since yesterday evening. As a precaution, switch off everything which is unnecessary, lets conserve energy  as much as possible or else many such outages will be witnessed in different parts of Kuwait during the summer.