Every time A.R.Rahman announces an album there is a huge anticipation for its release. When it comes to Raavan, the anticipation is even more since Rahman is teaming up with Mani Ratnam. Every one has a feeling that Rahman reserves all his best scores for Mani Ratnam, who can be called as Rahman’s mentor. I got this album and i have mixed feelings. Normally all of Rahman’s albums are supposed to be like slow poison, it works slowly and catches you. But this album is yet to catch me even after the usual repeated hearings. Probably it’s too much expectation, or maybe because I am hearing something which I have heard before. The album has 6 songs:
01. Beera
02. Behene De
03. Thok Di Killi
04. Ranjha Ranjha
05. Khili Re
06. Kata Kata

The album has shades of other Rahman soundtracks, the background score for the song Ranjha Ranjha has a strong resemblance to Mayya Mayya from Guru. "Khili Re" is a great melody and it’s my personal favourite. Once the film releases, it will definitely find a place on the top charts but I still would rate this album as average.