There is always a huge cry over poor customer service in Kuwait. Recently I had an experience which is contrary to that belief. There is still some light at the end of the tunnel. After returning from India, my Zain Ego connection was disconnected due to nonpayment of the bill. I decided to reactivate it by paying online. I was busy at work and still I managed to do this. I checked up with my wife if it was activated, she said no. I checked my email and saw the receipt and I was shocked to find that I had made a transposition error. I had to pay 30KD for 2 months and this was paid to another number by my mistake. I decided to call up the guys in Zain to find a way out. I called one of the agents and he was very nice and polite and he was patient enough to hear my situation. He took down all the details and promised that he will forward my issue to the accounts department. He also promised that the person from the accounts department will give me a call in 10 minutes. These 10 minutes are infamous in Kuwait, because normally these 10minutes never come. To my surprise I got a call on my mobile within 10mins and the lady verified all the details with me and she told me that this issue will be solved soon. She said she will reverse the payment to my number and the whole process will take 2business days, but she assured that within 30minutes my connection will be activated. I didn’t really believe the last part. Even before the promised 30minutes elapsed I rang up my wife and asked her to check if it’s getting connected. Voila the connection was activated, 10-15 minutes later I get a call from Zain to inform that the account has been reactivated and the payment has been credited to my account. Wow, I was quite surprised to see such a proactive response from Zain. This indeed is a silver lining, and I hope that the light i saw at the end of the tunnel is not that of a speeding bullet rain.