I normally stick to a phone till it drops dead. A couple of months backs my Nokia N Series phone started acting up. I was on the lookout for a phone which can help me stay connected, when ever i needed. I always had a mental block towards the Blackberry, so getting one was not in my mind at all.

I did a lot of research on Nokia models and finally set my eyes on E72. Now that I have played with it for almost 2 1/2 months, I can say that I made the right decision. E72 fits the bill of a sleek business phone and a personal phone perfectly. It has got two modes business and personal, you can customize the modes and switching between them is just a push of a button. You could configure your emails and the chat client helps you get connected with almost all the major chat services(google talk, msn messenger, yahoo messenger). The phone is wifi enabled so you don’t have to be on a data plan.

While on my vacation in India, it was easy to stay in touch with my workplace(emails & chats) as i had a data plan which charged me according to usage. When some of the guys had technical issues, I just logged in and helped them out with their issues. The OVI maps and Google Maps works like a charm.  The battery life is awesome even on heavy usage, mine lasts almost 4 days even after heavy usage(calls and data connections). The phone has a 5megapixel Camera, I feel that the  flash is very annoying. It also has a handy torch. The qwerty keyboard is good and it took me a couple of days to get used with the keyboard, once i mastered it, it has become so easy to text and to compose emails. At times i face a nasty issue, the spacebar jams, that is while texting the space bar all of a sudden refuses to work. The only solution is to restart the phone, which could be annoying when you are doing something in urgency. On googling i found that this could be solved by a firmware update. I will be doing it soon, when i am relaxed. Other than this issue, E72 is worth the money…..