Kochi, the one and only metro city in Kerala had it all except a decent mall. Oberon Mall is Kochi’s answer to that. It’s great to see something like this finally happening in Kochi. After the success of this mall, a lot of new malls are lining up in different parts of Kochi. This mall has made a big difference to Kochites shopping experience.

Oberon MALL is located right on the National Highway (NH 47) Bypass at Edapally, one of the happening commercial centres in Cochin, Kerala. It is easily accessible from all corners of the city and well connected to other cities / states with the NH 47 and NH 17. With lesser traffic congestion on the NH bypass road than the city roads, Oberon MALL offers easy access, convenience and a world-class shopping experience to its customers.


The Food Circle, the food court of the mall is always buzz with a considerable crowd. They even have a live DJ till 10.30pm. The food is ok, nothing that great, we tried the Arabian Treat outlet and  the crispy chicken outlet. The Arabian Treat was below par, Crispy Chicken was pretty ok. Then there is Dosa Express, Papa Milano’s Pizza and Baskin Robbins.

There is something exclusive here, in the food outlets once you place the order along with the receipt you will be given a gadget(the one below). Once your order is ready, the lights will blink on the gadget and also there will be an alarm. This is pretty good and we found it amusing.


Below are the pictures of the Food Court, it was late in the night and i managed to get the snaps when no was around.




If at all you want to find some negatives about this mall, we found atleast two major shortcomings. One is the parking and other is the lifts. The parking in the basement is too cramped. There are a couple of lifts in the parking area, but every time we went there it took us almost 10-15minutes to get in, there was always a lot of waiting time. They should have had a bigger parking area and bigger lifts. The work is still going on, so hopefully all pending issues will be taken into consideration. This is a good start, but it is to be seen how they are going to maintain it 5 years from now. No doubt Oberon, is the best mall in Kerala atleast for now…