The lack of workouts is showing badly on my body. I have noticed that i have started building in my tummy area! Well some people call it assets, where as i would like to address them as liabilities. Last couple of months there’s been almost zero workouts. I don’t want to use the term physical activity, as most people have only certain things associated with that term.

I am currently trying to get back to shape . Walking and some workouts on the Elliptical Strider is already planned. Now the problem is how do you motivate yourself. This time, it’s beyond that, I have to find ways to keep going and loose the extra kilos i have put on. The BMI looks good and everything looks good except the tummy!

Guys any suggestions, specifically to flatten one’s tummy! If you have any magic suggestions, keep them coming……my tummy needs it desperately before people categorize me under “Men with potbelly”. So all you lazy butts be active and save yourselves.