It’s been years since we left school, and almost all of us are out of India, spread out in different worlds. Working in different domains,  some got married, some remain bachelors, some have kids and some are yet to get there, even though we are not equal in all ways, there is one thing which makes us all equal, it’s nothing but the love for our school. One of the guys posted some pictures of our school and our group photos from those days in Facebook and all of a sudden there is a huge response to the pictures. Most of us coincidently logged in at the same time and we had a long discussion about the football fights, the cultural blunders, the teachers and what not. All of us felt like meeting up someday. So a reunion is also planned…don’t know how far it’s going to materialize.

The song from Three Idiots literally fits our mood  right nowGive me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance to grow up once again…..