I passed by these buildings on my way  back from work. The fire has really left a mark on all the three affected buildings. I got a chance to talk to some eye witnesses who were present while the buildings where on fire. They were telling that the fire department had a tough time dousing the fire and also in rescuing the people who were stuck inside. Luckily it was the long holidays or else the damages would have been worse.

A few days back one of the buildings in Bangalore was also on fire and had resulted in the death of more than 1o people. Many people who were stuck in the building lost hope and had jumped out to escape from the fire and smoke. It was evident that the fire department didn’t have taller cranes.

Even in Kuwait, a lot of taller buildings are coming up all around and i am hoping that the fire department has the adequate equipments to deal with such emergencies. Apart from the fire fighting equipment inspections, people who are working in these high rises should undergo mock drills at least twice or thrice a year. Each employer has to make sure such drills are conducted under proper supervision.