Even after repeated warnings from colleagues, friends and relatives we decided to venture out during the national day/liberation days. We were mentally prepared to get our car sprayed and not us. We went to City Center, Avenues and a lot of places but luckily we missed out every time.So the first day passed without any casualty.The second day  was also going to get over and now we  were getting desperate to get sprayed. We went in and around Salmiya, the main streets(not the Gulf Road), the side streets and so on, still we didn’t get sprayed. So we finally decided to head home, and now we see kids with foam sprays on both sides of the road , i was saying to myself this is our chance. I braked, and i was driving my car at snails pace, all of a sudden a guy jumps in front of the car, he is aiming the can at the windshield, now  it’s the moment we had been waiting for, it was like being on a point blank range. I completely braked the car, so that he could enjoy. Bummer !!! The kid had an empty can.

So we finally assumed, this is not our day again and we were hoping to reach home with out getting hit. We reached our apartment and as i was parking, a Land cruiser loaded with foam mercenaries passed by and i was a dead duck for them and they had good fun.

Luckily it was foam only, i hate to think that people can get so sick to use hair removal creams and spray paints on innocent victims. God knows from where this foam spraying culture crept in. I hope the antifoaming movement gains momentum and at the same time people get their senses back… wishful thinking