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This futuristic looking stadium is the first in the world to provide all its own electricity using the power of the sun.The horse shoe-shaped structure in Kaohsiung, Taiwan,  is the first stadium to use only solar power technology for all its electricity.The 8,844 solar panels will generate more than enough electricity to power the building’s 3,300 lights and two giant television screens.The panels will generate 1.14 million kWh of electricity per year, preventing 660 tons of annual carbon dioxide from being pumped into the atmosphere from traditional power stations.

I just wonder in Kuwait why we are not using solar products on a commercial basis. Definitely solar panels cost a lot for the initial installation and implementation, but once installed you can generate a lot of energy which can be used for many  purposes.

According to the newspaper reports Kuwait is going to face a severe energy shortage during this year’s summer. If we can start some alternative energy initiatives now, at least in the coming years we can have a summer without any energy crunch.