While the whole world was relishing ice creams, some one had different ideas. They say an idea can change a life and certainly it did change someone’s life for good. That some one was Shelly Hwang and Young Lee, they thought of having flavored yoghurts with toppings. Pinkberry was born out of their idea.

We had been to the Avenues many a time and every time we were  evading Pinkberry. On valentine’s day we were roaming around avenues and my better half decided to call the shots. She said we are going to try Pinkberry, i agreed on the condition that she pays. We were quite amused to see every one following some order in the queue. We ordered one pomegranate (pink) and one original flavor. We could take 4 different fruit toppings and we picked raspberry,mango, blackberry and strawberry. It was pretty good. The pomegranate was 2.150KD and the original was 1.950KD. I am a big fan of Almarai flavored yoghurt and now Pinkberry is also added to the list.

As luck would have it, my wife reached  the counter to pay then and there she got an international call and i ended up paying!!! “what an idea sirji” lol……