I am the Al Salaam Building, in my heydays i was one of the most famous architectural landmarks in Kuwait. Many doctors had chosen me to put up their clinics, and i was looking lovely with my coat of green paint, and in the night i was a wonder to watch. My shape was and is still unique. Some months back, they decided to take me down. All my tenants where vacated, and they slowly started the demolition. I don’t know what happened, the progress of my demolition has hit a road block, now nothing is happening, and today i stand surrounded by own ruins. I still wonder “don’t i deserve a better deal”, after all these years. If they didn’t want to demolish me quickly, why did they start the process.Now everyday, I am abused and many people are defacing me. I wish i could come down on my own, unfortunately i don’t have that option. I know there are a lot of buildings like me in Kuwait, who are having a humiliating existence. Some of us have become a safe haven for anti socials. All our past glory has been put in the backburner. All I want to say is please have mercy on us and take us down soon……….

Picture courtesy smarchitecture.