We were looking for a place where we could dine for the new Year’s eve and we decided to try out the Jeans Grill. We wanted a place which was away from the crowd and this place fitted the bill perfectly. We had booked a table close to the window.That day they had decorated the whole place and had some raffle draws;unfortunately we didn’t get anything….they even distributed party caps,whistles,balloons and much more.At the stroke of 12,the lights  were turned off and everyone was blowing the whistles and beating on the tables and the staff were going around wishing everyone ‘A Happy New Year’

Coming back to the food,it was a good spread with soups,salads and plentiful dishes which included lamb chops,honey roasted duck,creamy shrimp,steak,kebabs,shrimp and mutton biriyani.The food was kind off bland but it was a nice change.The desserts were a tragedy.We gave it a slip as we were loaded.It was a nice relaxing evening and we spent almost close to 4hrs in the restaurant.

Jeans grill is located in  the first floor of The Sultan Centre,Salmiya.