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Address: Al Shaab Al-Bahri, Istiqlal Str., block 8, bldg.1
Cuisine: Lebanese

Phone: 22652030  
Location: Al-Shaab

After a longtime, we decided to dine out. It was late and it was sunday, so we headed to Mais Al Ghanim, after reaching there we found that every sunday is a day off for Mais Al Ghanim. So the next spot we fixed was Villa Fairouz. It was almost 10pm, and since it was a weekday, it wasn’t packed. We have been there on such packed days, where we had to wait to get a table. Today was a different story, and we had a lot of tables to pick from.

We ordered Tabuleh, Grilled Chicken Wings, Regular Kabbab and Black  Tea with Mint. The Tabuleh was very off-color, it didn’t have the bulgur, which is an important ingredient. Other than that, the rest of the dishes were amazing. The Grilled wings, were juicy and done perfectly, so was the kabbab. The Khubs also tasted good. The black tea with mint was also good and went well with the cool weather. We really enjoyed. They were playing Fairouz’s music all through, it was so soothing as well. The only bad thing is that they over charged for the water, a bottle of Evian Mineral Water was billed with 1.100KD, that was way too much. The rest of the rates are a bit premium as well, but this place is definitely worth a try, if you are particularly in a mood for Arabic cuisine.