Ever since Google announced the launch of it’s mobile phone, i was expecting it to be a revolutionary product as it’s the case with most of google’s products. But after reading all the reviews, it seems that google’s nexus one, will not be a direct challenge to Apple’s Iphone atleast at this point of time. The nexus one’s hardware is some thing to look out, it has got the power at par with a netbook. The HTC, built hardware is supposed to be lightning fast for a mobile. This phone lets you get linked to your google account like a charm.


The Nexus One has a longer battery life (7 hours of talk time versus 5). The battery is also removable, so can be replaced if it fails. The Nexus One also has a detailed battery meter which tells the user what features are using battery power.

Storage Capacity

The iPhone has two versions, one with 16GB of storage and another with 32GB, while the Nexus One comes with 4GB, but is expandable to 32GB. The iPhone’s memory is not expandable.


Where the iPhone is tied to  carriers, Google is selling the Nexus One directly and can be used with any compatible carrier .


The Nexus One has a higher resolution camera (5 megapixels versus 3).


The Nexus One has a built-in transcription feature with an accuracy of around 90%. Although iPhone users can utilize the Dragon Dictation app, users have to copy and paste the results into other programs.

App Store

The iPhone App Store has over 120,000 apps versus the 16,000 apps available for the Android OS. However, the Android Market offers easier approval for developers and could rapidly increase its numbers.


The Nexus One has a period on the main screen of the touch keyboard making some typing easier and offers five auto-complete suggestions versus the one that the iPhone offers.


The iPhone only allows one program to run at a time, while the Nexus One allows multitasking.