A couple of days back we visited the Al Bairaq Mall. We went there in the night and it was crowded. The crowd is totally different from the usual crowd that we see in the other malls in Kuwait. The mall looks good with all the lights, and it has got almost all the usual outlets like H&M, Centerpoint …etc. The local boys, were making sure to keep the security personnel busy all the time. They were all over the place, and was acting weird all the time. Had the chance to visit Bairaq, and probably it’s the last as well, as we think that we won’t be able to tolerate such crazy behavior in public.

Bairaq is located in the North of Ahmadi Governorate i.e. in the middle of the Commercial & Administrative Center of Fintas between Jaber Al Ali East & Al Agaila West, now you know the kind of crowd i am talking about.