AVATAR has smashed through the $US1billion mark for takings in just three weeks.

The science-fiction epic, starring Aussie Sam Worthington, is now the fourth-highest grossing movie of all time and could jump ahead of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King into second spot within the week.

Last weekend we made a split second decision and headed to cinescape 360 to watch Avatar. We didn’t book it online and we were outside when the thought of going to the cinema came to our minds. When we reached there we found that the tickets were sold out for the 3.30pm show. So we checked the availability for the next show, which was at 6.30pm, the guy at the counter said that show was also full. We were about to go back disappointed, but some one decided to cancel their booking for two tickets and the cancellation was reflected on the screen and we bought it straightaway. We were all the more lucky because the seats where in the top most row, as they say it can’t get better than that.

When we entered we were given the 3D glasses. It’s been a longtime since i had watched a 3D movie and for my wife it was a first experience. I am not a big fan of sci-fi movies, but we lost track of time, when we were watching this movie. The story is predictable, but the pace at which the movie unfolds is timed to perfection. James Cameron, shows his skills as a good story teller. The Computer Graphics is excellent, you really don’t feel that it’s computer  generated. The 3d experience is also great. We liked the soundtrack too.  Kids might have some scary moments as some of the animals look really scary.

I highly recommend this movie, every one should definitely make it a point to watch it, and if you can shell out 4KD/ head, go experience it in 3D.