My laptop was running on Microsoft Vista Home Premium, with out any major hiccups. But always I had to wait a longtime for the boot sequence, but i wasn’t bothered about it as long as it was working. A few weeks back, the OS [vista] decided to go nuts, it was going bonkers. Come what may, Vista won’t boot. I tried the startup repair option which didn’t work. I had some digital life (pictures and documents) in the Hard Disk, thanks to UBUNTU live CD, I could salvage all my data. I was about to reinstall the Vista again from the recovery disks, but I got a free OEM version of Windows 7 Professional. I didn’t look back, or think twice, i went ahead and installed the Windows 7 Professional.

After salvaging all my data with the UBUNTU live CD, i did a fresh installation of Windows 7. The installation went smoothly, and it almost picked up all the drivers automatically. I was really amazed at the boot up time, it was really fast, almost hit the sub- 30 second mark, which was a far cry from VISTA.

Microsoft has done a lot of home work with Windows 7 Professional, after they burned their hands with the VISTA release and it has paid off. Windows 7 is not just a visual gimmick, it’s sturdy and stable and I am sure that Windows 7 Pro will be the worthy successor to the tried and tested Windows XP Professional. I am still in the exploration phase, the snapshot is that of my desktop. The Aero feel is really an eye candy, compared to the VISTA UI and it doesn’t feel that it’s grabbing a lot of systems resources like VISTA. The task bar also is revamped so is the control panel, with a lot of new useful features.

If you are looking for a good stable OS, i recommend Windows 7. There might be some driver issues, but surely those problems will be fixed very soon.