Dear Santa,

I have been a gentleman all of 2009. I have tried to do a good balancing act, be it work or family. I am sure you have been noting it too..I see that you are busy finalizing your lists, and I am hoping that I am at least in the top 10. As a small help from me for your delivery, i will leave the balcony window ajar, so that you can come in without any hassles.

I am just wondering whether to put the big sock, near the christmas tree so that you could fill it with the presents.  I don’t have any wish list, i promise i will be content with what ever you present. If you are still coming this side on a reindeer, i suggest you take some other mode of transport which is faster, time is running out. One final request, don’t forget to bring something for wify too.

I wish you a safe trip.

With great expectations,