2012 movie poster_22

Well this poster says it all. “We were Warned”. But we ignored the warnings; went ahead and saw the flick. All the graphics apart, the script is half baked and will keep the viewers bored half-way through. The movie is about the impending destruction of the world in 2012. I for one had high expectations from this film, going by the director’s previous movies(Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow,Godzilla). The storyline falls into the predictable lines soon after the movie gets going.

Woody Harrelson’s character was funny. The rest of the cast also does a reasonably good job, but what goes wrong is the story and maybe too much of the destructive scenes which become repetitive over the time. It will put even a bollywood movie  to shame for the fact that the hero and his family survives, not one but many close encounters with the destructive earth and survives till the end . All this happens while the earth around them is falling apart.

Verdict: Watchable, but not exceptional.