Ever since i started blogging, i have always been intrigued with the thought of protecting my identity. The world is getting smaller by the day and every where you bump into known people at  unexpected junctures. Blogging and personal life, should it be mixed or should it be kept separate. Is it just me or is it always there in the back of every bloggers mind?. I don’t know how far i have been successful in protecting my identity. But i feel being an anonymous blogger gives you a lot of scope when it comes to blogging, you are not driven by external opinions; everything comes from you. If a blogger is known to the world, he could be questioned by people known to him for his various thoughts.

Well i will tell you what made me write this.  A guy who I know personally has a blog and he used to put his pics and his family’s pics and he used to blog on a variety of topics. Once I met him and we were having a random conversation. At one point, out of the blue, I told him “I read your blog quite regularly”. I could literally see his jaw drop for a minute and a bit. Believe me he didn’t blog for a cool 2 weeks.  Now he is back…but still i feel he has toned down a lot. Well this blogger is not from Kuwait ok!! You naughty fellas..

I enjoy being an undercover blogger lol….My readers  what are your thoughts on this?