Sometime back, I had blogged about the Hindi Film “Blue” here. We saw this flick the other day on DVD. I had read a lot of mixed reviews about it from different sources. We managed to get a good print.

I will start with the highlights of the film. The film is given a new treatment, with stunning camera work and bike stunts. The undersea photography is amazing. Lara Dutta looks ravishing in the song sequence, she doesn’t have much to do with her role. Akshay has tried a new silver goatie.

Now its time for the negatives, the film lacks a strong story line( well most bollywood films fall into this). Sanjay Dutt looks totally out of sync with the happenings. Zayed Khan and Karina are wasted with their roles. The plot becomes very predictable towards the mid-way stage. If you have been watching bollywood movies, you can easily visualize what is the next scene. The songs are just peppered here and there, which doesn’t sync with the story line. And the Kylie Minogue song is not picturised well.

Overall it’s a watchable film.