A couple of weeks back I was held up at work due to some technical issues with a laptop, which was still under warranty. I gave a call to the tech support to fix it, they asked if I could come over to their place, with the laptop. I went there and the guys were about to leave after their days work. I said I was in a hurry and wanted to get it fixed soon, so one of the guys was kind enough to say that he will fix it for me in an hour. But this had a catch, if he fixes it I need to drop him home. I agreed to his demand, cuz i thought it was reasonable. So an hour went by, and we were almost getting done. The techie had to replace a couple of components.

He gave the laptop, i checked and everything was in order. So we went to my car. I asked him where his apartment was? So he said it’s in Abbasia. I said ok lets hit the road. I took the airport road from city, and the guy was talkative and funny, he was giving me good company. I really didn’t know that we had already reached the place. It was almost 7.00pm. So we entered the area,am just familiar with the core Abbasia areas, the places close to UIS ( United Indian School ). But we never went there, he gave me some directions and we reached a spot and he said he will get down here. Being me, I asked him which is his apartment. He said, it’s a couple of streets away. I said wait, I will drop you there. He was kind off persistent in rejecting my offer. But I was even more stubborn, I had made up my mind to drop him right in front of his apartment, even if it meant i had to use brute force. Poor guy, he finally succumbed to my pressure. He gave me more directions, we took a couple of  lefts, a couple of rights and after a couple of minutes we reached his place.  The whole place looked very alien to me I asked him, where the heck is this. He said this is Hassawi. I said thanks and wished him good night.

I never knew in Kuwait, there existed a place which was an absolute ghetto. I was shocked at what I saw, the narrow lanes had leaking drains and the lanes had dilapidated vehicles parked on either sides. And you could see weirdos walking around, the whole place was stinking. I wanted to escape from there, and i was stuck as a truck had come from the opposite direction. The guy kept driving, and he wasn’t in no mood to acknowledge my car’s presence. Suddenly out of no where a guy comes to control the traffic, i guess he was obsessed with a traffic cops spirit, he was shouting and prodding people to move their vehicles through the spaces which really didn’t exist. I was wishing that by the stroke of luck, my car would turn into a helicopter. I wasn’t lucky enough, had to maneuver my car for more than 10minutes to get out of the mess. All the buildings around the place where old and run down and in the night this place should be a safe haven for anti socials. I have heard a lot of stories about Hassawi from my colleagues and my office boy. I thought they were exaggerating, but that day I had a real time experience and it was terrible.

My advice “Stay away“.