Leaf Cut

Change of seasons, time for a new cut. The gardeners all over Kuwait will be having a busy schedule as they will be pruning the natural looking trees to look unnatural. I don’t know who comes up with those designs.

I am sure that the trees will be dreading the winter season. Most of them get a shaping during this season.  I think a tree should be let alone to grow naturally; if it grows way bigger and if it’s causing obstructions or causing visibility issues then those branches should be cut.


Plants are bursting with movement. They are rich in sensation, and respond to the stimulation of the Surrounding world every moment of their active lives. They can send messages to one another about overcrowding or a threatened attack by a new pest. Within each plant there is ceaseless activity as purposive as that in an animal. Many of them share hormones that are remarkably similar to our own. Their senses are sophisticated: some can detect the lightest touch (better than the sensitivity of the human fingertips), and they all have a sense of vision.

The above is an excerpt from the book  How Animals and Plants feel and communicate by Brian J. Ford.  Plants to0 have life, please don’t hurt them intentionally.