Last weekend we were lazing around in the 360 Mall. We were going around the whole place to see the progress, we found that most of the shops are yet to open.

We went to the top floor; there is a lot happening there. The Freeze Club is open, here you can take a pool table for 3KD an hour, which I think is pretty cool. The bowl room is also a pretty cool place.While coming down, we noticed that the escalator was pretty steep compared to the usual ones we see all over Kuwait.

Then we stepped in to Geant, and as usual they had some promotions going on. The car parks weren’t full and it was amusing to note  that they don’t have numbers on the parking slots. Thankfully it’s not as confusing and big as Avenues. The food court as usual was crowded. All in all, the mall is yet to pick up. I really doubt the revenue streams of the outlets which have already opened. The crowds were streaming in when they opened the mall a couple of months back, now it’s a reality check. People have to come specifically to the mall, unlike the other malls which are closer to other landmarks.

We came from Salmiya, and we had taken the road from the Biddaa Roundabout. As soon as we entered the Mishref area, it was stinking. I am not exaggerating, but it was  smelling sh*t. Even though our car glasses were closed and we had the AC running, the smell was penetrating. I really pity the residents close to this place. They might be going through hell.

The Bowl Room and Freeze Club pictures are taken from SomeContrast.