funny-animation-the-pc Technology is supposed to make things easier and less complicated for all of us. I would say that upto 75% it has reached it’s objectives; but then it has started to make people’s life a bit more stressful than before.

People have become unrealistic on what can be achieved with technology. Every one wants everything quickly. People start to tap their fingers when their inbox is loading slowly, people start to frown when their torrents are taking ages to download, people can’t stay calm when their cell phones are not working, people go mad when their facebook account gets hacked and the list goes on.

Rewind to 10years back, people were less stressful and more tolerant, they had more time for social interaction, more time for the family, more time to do anything they wanted to do.

The bottom line of my post is; we should try hard to strike a right balance when it comes to technology and our life.