When ever we feel that we are short of fresh air, we try to go to the garden or any open space close to our place. But when ever you go, it’s really sad to see the waste being dumped all over the place. This is not an isolated case; you can find it where ever you go.

I am sure that nobody likes dirtiness. Everyone wants neat and clean surrounding in their homes. But when it comes to keeping our public places clean nobody takes a single step to do it. People eat chocolates, chips, ice cream etc. and after eating they just throw the wrappers. All the public places are provided with adequate trash bins, still people don’t prefer to use them, which is very sad. It takes a small step, a small walk to the nearest trash bin and put your unwanted stuff. Now people might say there are a lot of cleaners in these places and it’s their job to make sure everything is clean. But hey! You are setting a precedent here; your kids will copy what you are doing.

Cleanliness is next to godliness!!Please keep our public places clean!!