KD 50/- for a S10 Lenovo Netbook , KD 20/- for an iPOD, KD10/- for a 8MP Yashica Digital Camera, KD1/- for a 22L Sharp Microwave, the result chaos galore.


Well my greed kept me there for 10minutes, I was really amazed by the number of people who had turned out for the grand opening. The cops really had a tough time, controlling the crowd. The main road, and all the inner roads leading to Hawally were clogged. I listened to people saying that they were waiting from 6pm. The store was closed, and i doubt if they have the guts to open, it will be mowed down by the huge crowd.


I smelled trouble and escaped from that place, don’t know what happened later. It took me long time to get out of Hawally. I hope the next time the concerned ministries will keep restrictions on such sale, it should be allowed only in  places where you have enough floor space and huge parking area. Hawally was practically brought to its knees.