These are some amazing clicks. Try it at your own risk…

The art of high-speed photography records these kinds of fast-moving objects, documenting things that are normally invisible to the human eye. Scientists use high-speed photographs to study physical movement, measuring phenomena like surface tension and gravitational effects. The military takes high-speed pictures to look at the accuracy of missiles and rockets, and it’s even possible to record what’s happening at the very core of nuclear explosions. Sports photographers also use high-speed photography to shoot fast-moving sporting events like NASCAR, bike racing and horse racing. High-speed photography also has its artistic merits, as art galleries and magazines often display stunning high-speed photographs.

People taking photographs of high speed action might see something no one’s ever seen before. So how does someone take a picture of a speeding bullet? What kind of camera do you need to take high-speed photographs? Is it easy to do, or does it take a lot of practice or expensive gear?

To learn how people capture the invisible on film, read on.