Storyline: Time 10.05 pm, two homo sapiens after being in hibernation mode for some long hours decide to find food..destination Starbucks at Salem Al Mubarak Street. Time 10:15pm, twist in the story, the two find that both the branches are infested with varieties of the same species. Time 10:20pm, destination changed to Colombus Cafe, Al Fanar, but destiny follows the two, there too it’s full. Time 10:28pm,finally they spot Second Cup, it looked as if it was fate which took them there,they find a cozy spot. Time 10:30pm,the Man orders a Beef Fajita sandwhich and hazel nut latte, the Woman orders Thai Chicken Wrap and Caramel Corretto. Time 10:40pm, the order is ready, the two starts the assault. Time 11:00pm, mission accomplished. The coffee and the snack reach destination stomach.

Story conceived and developed by Mrs.Bond.  Knet credited KD5.850.