Following paragraph is the news published in Kuwait Times on August 30th, 2009.

A source from the Public Authority for the Environment revealed that recent tests on sea water for pollution levels indicated that the level of pollution resulted from the dumping of sewage waste has extended safe and acceptable limits by some 300 percent. Beaches in Salmiya, Bidaa and Messilah have been affected, and some officials are expecting the problem to escalate. Furthermore, the sources added that pollution in the southern areas is also on the rise, though pollution levels there have not surpassed their normal, acceptable thresholds. However, those levels are expected to be reached in three to four days if sewage continues to be dumped into the Gulf at its current pace.

The Mishref Sewage Plant broke down on August 25th 2009, it’s almost a month and counting.  You could see so many pumps mushrooming on the streets to clean up the sewage and to add chemicals to it. It’s really sad that the raw sewage has been flowing directly into the sea for so many days, resulting in extreme pollution levels near the beaches. This is a genuine health hazard. It also will adversely affect the eco-system. There was a major issue with the fishes back in 2001, and the present situation is very conducive for the repetition of such catastrophic results. It would take not less that 3 years for the sea to cleanse itself of this dumped sewage. There should have been back up plans in place when you construct something of this sort. The problem occurred when the last three pumps at the station broke down. Ten other pumps have been out of service for some time. This is a gross neglect. The authorities as well as the company responsible for the maintenance of the plant should have take measures to prevent such disasters. I am hoping that the plant will be fixed soon and will be operational asap.