souk sharq

Special Ramadan Tent in Souk Sharq

Ramadan nights are a special time, when many take a break from their normal schedules and make time to relax, enjoy their neighbours and friends, and to pursue activities they forgo at other times in the year.

Many people stay awake until the small hours of the morning to savour every moment of these festive nights. They engage in a multitude of activities: praying, reading, going out, meeting people or watching television, spending their time doing what they enjoy most. Visits to see family members, very common during the holy month, offer Moroccan families the opportunity to recall good memories and share a hearty meal in a jovial atmosphere. Children also delight in spending time with their elderly relatives. Another tradition is something know as  Ghabga, which is like a dinner invitation in Ramadan. It comes between Futoor (breaking fast) and Suhoor (just before dawn) timewise, usually around 11pm or 12am. Most of the corporates host Ramadan Ghabga for their staff. And when ever there is a gathering you cannot leave out Shishaas.

One more night and this year’s Ramadan is over and a year long wait for the next Ramadan starts.