Kim Clijsters carries daughter Jada while holding the US Open trophy

This is just an amazing feat from Kim Clijsters, the Belgian tennis star. After being out in wild, away from the tennis world due to her personal commitments,this lady has made a strong comeback.

This is what she said after the win : “As a woman, I came to a stage in my life, too, where I wanted to get married,”. “We wanted to start a family, and I was glad. I feel very lucky that I got this chance to be back here now and that I made that decision, because it’s obviously been a good choice. Being a mother is obviously my first priority and being a wife … I’m just very lucky that I’m able to combine both and that my family supports me in doing this.

This post is dedicated to all the ladies who are married. The bottomline is “Marriage is no speed breaker“. Let the woman in you conquer all that you need to become successful.  It takes some mettle to combine, the roles of a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a professional. Ladies you have that in you. If you are looking for inspiration you can always look up to to Kim Clijsters.