A couple of days ago i had blogged about  the 9 day Eid Holidays, now it’s official. I am still not sure how it implies on the private sector, am keeping my fingers crossed, will get to know today. Now the weather transition is on and most of the kids are having fever and flu(the regular one), I wish all of them could recover soon and truly enjoy this 9 day break.

Update: Lucky me, i just received the email from the HR, they have declared the entire week as holidays!!  So 9 days off. I am going to be holed up in Kuwait, so guys please do give your ideas on what to do.

Below is the news item from Al Watan:

KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission announced on Wednesday the details of the work week starting Sunday, Sept. 20, with the Eid holiday in question.
The body said State employees will be entitled to the official three public holidays for Eid and the remaining two days will be considered ”leave” from work. Should Eid fall on Sunday, employees would have Wednesday and Thursday as leave. And if Eid falls on Monday, Sunday and Thursday will be considered as leave.
This however does not apply to bodies which work on public holidays. These institutions will have to make their own arrangements in view of these timings, a statement said. The commission recalled that the 30th day of the holy month of Ramadan is always considered as a day of ”leave,” unless the crescent is sighted and Eid is announced.ـKUNA