Now that the EID holidays are coming, it’s going to be the barbeque season and if you are looking for a good grill, this should be a good choice. The PIZZONI Grill is a transformable grill. It comes with an easy to carry aluminium case and in a few simple steps, you can set up the entire grill. The best part is that it includes a sealed charcoal tray that enables convenient dismantling of the grill without any interruptions derived from cleaning issues after use, making sure you have a relaxed experience. And it is eaisly carried on the shoulder or as a backpack, Cool!

“The PIZZONI can be conveniently be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack and is space-saving and easily storable, too. The charcoal is carried in the charcoal tray which is sealed by a cover. The charcoal tray cover is dust-proof when sealed so that the ashes can be cleanly disposed of after use. When assembled the charcoal tray cover also serves as a storage area between the supporting legs and at the same time provides a secure and stable support. “