Blue - A R RahmanThe wait is over, the music of Blue, the first music release from A.R.Rahman, post the Oscars is released. This is supposed to be the most expensive film in Bollywood history. The crew consists of big names from Hollywood. The stunts are directed by action director James Bomalick who had set our pulses running with THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS – TOKYO DRIFT earlier.

The wild scenic beauty of the oceans has been captured by the underwater specialist cinematographer Pete Zuccarini, who has worked on Hollywood blockbusters like PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN and DEEP BLUE SEA. This film has Resul Pookuty engineering the sound.

But the real highlight of this movie is International pop-sensation Kylie Minogue who has performed a special number in the film along with the leading cast of the film. You can listen to the track here.