After the most anticipated vegetarian event of the year, it is time to take a much deserved rest. The sadya was a delight to the eyes more than the stomach. But that didn’t deter me from taking up the challenge.

I ate like there was no tomorrow. Now i realize that i am alive to live another day.The exploits from yesterday’s effort tortured me all night, but being me i managed to sleep like a log.

My stomach was more like a biogas plant. But thankfully i didnt have a Mishref like leak, all the pumps in my body worked overtime to avert the leaks. The usual morning alarms rang, they went on snooze for hours and finally had to wake up for work. I convinced myself to come to office; but now all i want to do is SLEEP.

Anyways, it was a satisfactory Sadya, and as usual i took a promise  “Not to over eat , the next Onam“. Knowing me better than any one i can proudly say “Promises are to be broken“.