060205_IMG_2587I have been reading blogs and forums since long and I had stumbled upon many blogs by chance.  One of them was a blog about a particular school in Kuwait. It was hosted probably by an individual or a group of individuals who had perverted minds which was exclusively dedicated to slurring a certain community. I saw this blog approximately 3-4 years back. I thought these are sick people and would fade out eventually.

Today i was googling the above mentioned school to check their opening dates and i clicked on the first search result, to my dismay i found that those Inglorious Ba*!#&@#’s  had parked their blog on a domain which resembled the school’s name. The content of the blog is racist,explicit and it is laced with the choicest of abuses, personal pictures of the students and so on. This is actually an utter invasion of privacy. Many students can hit upon this blog and this can corrupt their mindset towards a certain community. I have never studied in any of the Indian school’s in Kuwait so I really don’t know what those guys are talking about.

I don’t want to name this school. But i can give you a hint, it is an Indian school located in Jleeb. I hope that the school in question will request the ISP’s to blackout this domain in Kuwait at least. I am not bothered about the school’s reputation, but am more concerned about the young minds who may have access to such content.

Guys do you have any suggestions on stopping this virtual corruption of minds?