A few days back happened to see this flick! Thanks to Cinescape, they had worked overtime on the Editing and initially we really struggled to make out the story line.

The director has tried a new approach in story telling. He has put two storylines together,  one which happened in the past and one which is going on in the present. The bottomline of the film: “the new generation fails to understand what they really want in life“. They understand what they want after going through major struggles,where as the older generation knew exactly what they wanted and acted accordingly .

Saif Ali Khan plays a double role, he is the young ambitious professional and he plays the younger days of Rishi Kapoor, a sardar who runs a coffee shop. Deepika Padukone puts a decent performance. If you are a big fan of her dimples and her lanky frame, then you are in for a treat. Then there is the usual song and dance routine. One song is shot exceptionally well, it shows a guy’s enthusiasm when he joins his dream job and shows how he starts to get bored with this monotonous routine and slowly he realizes what he is missing in his life. The transition is pictured very well. As i mentioned at the start thanks to cinescape, an entire song was chopped.

Verdict: Watchable Time Pass!! But not at cinescape…