Australia has conceded the Ashes series to England. I am more than pleased with this amazing sporting news. We have witnessed  Australia’s  domination of  the cricketing world with their amazing victories.  But, during this course this bunch of cricketers had become arrogant and lacked sportsman spirit when they ended up at the loosing side. They were not able to absorb when they got a taste of their own medicine, which is sledging and mental disintegration of the opponents with their press conferences. I hope that Ricky Ponting will step down from the Captaincy. I wish so, because he is the only threat to our national pride “Tendulkar”.

Check out the legend behind the Ashes Series:

The Test series between England and Australia are played for The Ashes. Since 1882-83 all the Test series between the two countries, with the exception of the following series (1976-77, 1979-80, 1987-88), have been played for the Ashes.

In 1883, Australia beat England at The Oval for the first time in England. This led an English sporting paper, The Sporting Times, to publish a mock obituary of English cricket, which concluded with the words, “The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.” Accounts vary, but the ‘body’ was in fact a bail (or two, or a stump) which had been burned by “certain ladies.”

The ashes were placed in a tiny, goblet-shaped urn only four inches high and the urn was presented to the Honorable Ivo Bligh (later Lord Darnley). In his will, Lord Darnley bequeathed the urn to the M.C.C. Nowadays, the urn itself is kept permanently in the Long Room at Lord’s, but the side that last won a Test series between the two countries is said to hold The Ashes. In the event of a tied series, the holding country retains The Ashes.

For now all i want to say is “REST IN PEACE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET