After a few weeks of resistance, we finally decided to dine out. Wanted to try some new place. So we picked Peppes Pizza located in the new restaurant area close to the Shaab Park,Gulf Road. It was almost 9.45pm when we reached there.

Peppe Pizza 010

Now lets start with the ambiance. It is cheerful and has bright colors for the interiors. The lighting is also something worth mentioning, it wasn’t so dim and not so bright, a right mix which created a good atmosphere.

Peppe Pizza 015

Now each table had a candle, which was lit as soon as we sat down. Due to the overall lighting, the candle gives a romantic feeling! We chose a table close to the windows and since it was humid the window glass was like frosted glass. So it gave a perfect mood for the dinner.

Peppe Pizza 026

Its time to order! We ordered a Medium -Deeper Love Pizza and for drinks we ordered Strawberry Margarita for me and Hawaiian Delight for wify. All medium pizzas comes with a salad,which is a name sake salad, with lettuce,onions,tomato and a dip. The Pizza turned out to be good, so was the drinks. The Pizza had a thin base and a soft crust, the pizza filling was really good. The most important thing that i look in a pizza was there “JUICY”….The drinks was  generous, quantity and taste wise.  All of these came for a little less than 6KD. This place belongs to Crowne Plaza.

Verdict: Good for a change! Nice atmosphere and friendly staff,will definetly go there again.

Peppe Pizza 005

Peppe Pizza 022

Peppe Pizza 023

You can find their menu here :