20060502ready4weekendIt’s yet another weekend. I seriously doubt at times, whether the time in Kuwait ticks faster than elsewhere in the world. When you are having enough work, the week seems to get over even faster. Every Sunday you want to get close to the Thursday! The countdown is like “5 more days to go“. At times, the weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds seems like its stuck;this basically happens when you don’t have a tight schedule,that’s more like it in Summer.  But this summer its been different, we had work, meetings, mind storming sessions and what not! So the days were flying…

Now this weekend has got a speciality. Tomorrow, most probably the Holy Month of Ramadan will start. Which further means that the coming week is going to have changed work timings. There are some colleagues who feel that theses timings are to be made permanent throughout the year. I disagree with them; 8 hours of work is fair enough.

Even after writing so much, i still feel like shouting out  “GUYS!  WHATS THE PLAN FOR THE WEEKEND“.

Gimme more suggestions on what can be done on weekends.